Jun 8, 2011

Healthy Changes, Day Three: Wii Fit!

This is by far been the most fun thing I'll be blogging about. Wii Fit, people. Get with it! How does something this fun exist? No, really. We've had it in our possession* for almost two weeks now and Nathan and I are both having a blast!

We both have our own things that we're good at but we both have so much fun exercising! Here, enjoy this video of Nathan skateboarding! The video is sideways, by the way.

He's totally cute, right?

I know that Wii Fit isn't terribly strenuous compared to, say, running 10 miles with weights strapped to your ankles, but man, it's a pretty good workout! Hula hooping DESTROYS me. Yoga is also much much harder than I thought it would be. I'm not very flexible and I'm not very balanced so I usually do pretty badly on those, but I can sure feel everything stretching! I thiiiiink I'm getting better. At least, I hope I am.

Nathan really likes the marching band (Rhythm Parade) activity, and I've been having lots of fun doing the snowball fight :) We've been playing with our friends Joanna and Clark and it's so interesting how everyone is good at totally different things!

If you have a Wii, I would definitely recommend investing in a Wii Fit! It can be disheartening when they weigh you and your little Mii gets fat, but it's pretty good motivation haha. I also love that there are soooo many different things you can do! You can play balance games, rhythm games, strength training and yoga, aerobics, and so on! With the wide variety available and the fact that most things only take up about 2 minutes, you can make up your own fun little routines! YOU CAN RIDE A SEGWAY, PEOPLE!!!

My new best friend!

Well, dear readers, I've told you my favorite way to work out (also the only way I work out, but I digress) so tell me the ways you try to fit a little extra fitness in your life! Do you purposefully park a long ways from the door? Do you take the stairs instead of the elevator? Let me know in the comments!

*Thanks in-laws for letting us borrow your Wii Fit! We'll probably never give it back.

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